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Obstacle Sport Federation South Africa (OSFSA) is a not-for-profit independent National organisation made up of volunteers to represent the needs of the athletes. The President presides over all its activities, while the Executive Board and Executive Committee are responsible for taking the main decisions for the Federation.


Obstacle Sport Federation South Africa (OSFSA) is a federative, democratic organisation formed by and for the athletes. It facilitates safety, fairness and opportunities for athletes to compete at every level, including National events, OCR World Championships, and Continental Championships. This includes National results and rankings, officials, rule enforcement, coaching, training camps, event information, event services, news, education, adjudication and more. 


The Mission of Obstacle Sports Federation South Africa (OSFSA) is to promote the sport of Obstacle Course Racing and its related disciplines throughout South Africa. To help facilitate the growth and development of Obstacle Sports, and to ensure that the all athletes and parties of interest portray the highest level of fairness and integrity.